Start by defining your purpose

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Do you understand why you, your team, or your organisation does what it does?

The answer to the question is crucial because it provides the foundation to how you achieve your goals and what collaborative tools can enable you to achieve better and more rapid results.

If you have not viewed Simon Sinek’s Ted video on “How great leaders inspire action” to get a clear understanding of this linkage – I promise it’s worth the 18 minutes!

By co-defining a short term problem or long term vision with your team/organisation you are able to develop a shared understanding of the Why.

Shared clarity of the Why serves to ensure team buy-in to a planning process involving tasks. Furthermore, a collectively motivated workforce is more easily galvanised to purposely collaborate to achieve their shared vision.

Perhaps most significantly in the defining of the Why, organisational culture and process enabling tools do not feature in the discussion. Clarity of purpose can shape the culture, and specifying the requirements of appropriate technology to enable co-creation can only be effectively done with a clear understanding of the Why – the purpose.

When taking your team or organisation to the next level keep in mind that processes, your people and technology platforms that fail to align to a purpose is a proven recipe for failure. The ubiquity of technology options affords the opportunity to identify a cost effective and appropriate enabling tool that fits the intended purpose – maximising the likelihood of its actual adoption and the achievement of rapid results.


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  1. I love the whole “start with Why” approach – without the context, it’s hard to be effective with the content.

    Thanks for the helpful reminder David

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