Collaborate to maximise exports in Africa – Case study

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129px-Africa_satellite_orthographicThe client’s core business is in Africa. It has subsidiary companies that manufacture and sell a range of complimentary products into Africa. The client’s purpose as HQ is focused toward exporting the range of products and sustainable solutions they produce in a client-focused, unified and collaborative way.

The challenge was to leverage their wide product range and ability to provide a turnkey offering using their existing footprint covering most African markets and similar customer base.

Underlying the challenge is a culture of competition between the subsidiaries where a lack of trust based on a ‘go-it-alone’ mindset had been allowed to develop. The competitive culture had resulted in limited communication, with each subsidiary ‘arrogantly’ looking after its own narrow interests and not sharing experience and leads.

Our client needed assistance in building an environment where the knowledge, skills and experience within each subsidiary was captured in a manner that overcame corporate ‘go-it-alone’ arrogance, enhanced trust between the subsidiaries, and enabled HQ to maximise the opportunity of exporting the range of products in a unified, client focused collaborative manner.

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