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Why eureka co-creation?


Your organisation is a social system - are your processes configured to benefit from social connections? Empower staff to work in the same way that they operate in their private lives.


In a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, does your organisational strategy have built-in agility to survive and thrive? Do your staff have ownership of a shared vision?

Learning & Engagement

Are your staff autonomous, recognised and engaged? Foster work environments that rewards risk-taking, encourages curiosity and creativity, and offers continuous feedback.

Problem-Solving & Innovation

Can you tap into corporate knowledge - in real time? Does email keep knowledge locked up? Does untapped knowledge lie dormant in your dispersed or siloed organisation?

Working out loud surfaces knowledge, transforming it into actionable information, enabling innovation and achievement.

The right people. The right conversations. The right time.

Communities that have a shared vision and purposefully collaborate are more productive. Not by a little - by a lot. Staff, customers & suppliers that connect across boundaries enable new experiences and interactions, tapping into hidden value. It changes an organization’s focus on optimizing and managing processes to building platforms that enable new purposeful interactions across an ecosystem.

eureka enables your community to transform its knowledge into actionable information better, faster and cheaper, untapping value in the Billions.


Multiple brains, frontline perspectives will produce a richer set of possibilities than any one individual would.


Inspiring people by tapping into what motivates them in work. Discover and build untapped capability and under-leveraged expertise, develop careers.


Networked and engaged knowledge workers are responsive to real-time change and unmet needs.


Connected and curious workers share knowledge to co-create solutions to problems in new, innovative ways.

Cultivate perpetual Learning.

Build on team learning by passing on community experience. Integrate learning into doing as an adaptive strategy, and not settling for ‘best practice’. Delivering effective point-of-need learning that align outcomes to an organisation's strategic objectives.

How we do it

We take a deep dive into how you do things to enable your people to create, discover and interact with content, colleagues and communities that help them get their jobs done. We build and support strategies and custom toolsets to help embed open and purposefully collaborative work environments that enhance your organization’s value proposition to achieve more.

Our frameworks are designed to align your organization’s people, processes and platform to its purpose - maximising the opportunities for co-creation and innovation, while also ensuring agility through any transition.

our alignment architecture

It takes a network of people with a clearly defined purpose, and the right processes all aligned to the right platform to effectively co-create and achieve outstanding results. Our focus on a path and appropriate tools to achieve a common purpose distinguishes eureka from social networks. eureka enables your organisation to leverage its talent, grow and continuously adapt to a changing world.



Lead. Build trust between your people. Unlock your Talent's creative thinking skills and aptitude for innovation.



Motivate. Co-define the problem and focus on desired outcomes to increase buy-in. Extract diverse and detailed Frontline Perspectives from deep within your organization.



Plan the co-creation process. What needs doing? What tasks are required to meet the performance demand? How to optimise the synergy of people? Build capabilities, enthusiasm and focus around collaborative strategies.



Co-creation is the glue that connects people; builds enthusiasm and alignment behind your company’s strategic direction, ensuring a continuous alignment between process and meeting your objectives.

About us

We are strategy, project management and valuation specialists. We have over 60 years of experience helping organisations based in London, Dubai, Sydney, Toronto and Johannesburg. Our design skills are derived from insights used by investors managing $6 trillion.

We relentlessly focus on our client's ideal future, identifying purposeful tools and methods to adapt and achieve that future. Our journey with clients is a Purposeful Collaboration in realising that ideal future. dcm photoDavid Melvill
We design and support seamlessly integrated private enabling platforms to connect people for purposeful co-creation, monitoring progress, and developing a repository for experiential learning. mlm photoMichael Melvill

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